Welcome from the Tsomidis family

Enjoy Mediterranean hospitality and lifestyle under the warm Hellenic sun! In our apartments at Olympic Beach, you and your family can relax and recover from the stresses of everyday life.

The landscape in this part of Greece is stunning: In the north of the country, 6 kilometres east of Katerini stretches the Olympic Riviera. Surrounded by the mountains of Olympus and Pieria, Olympic Beach lies at the bay of Thermaikos.

You can sojourn in our apartments and take the opportunity to discover this idyllic place.

There is a plethora of leisure activities to ensure that every visitor can enjoy their holidays: sunbathing, sports such as hiking or swimming and visiting cultural sights are a few examples of what you can do at the Olympic Beach resort. The broad, long and clean sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing and water sports. Traditional restaurants along the beach invite you to try the regional delicacies.

The street names of this coastal holiday resort come from the mythical world of the Greek Gods. Socrates Apartments are located on Apollo street, the god of music and arts. Don’t miss the chance to take this unforgettable journey! We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Socrates Apartments of Olympic Beach.

The Olympic Riviera is a 70 kilometre-long coastline at the foot of mount Olympus. The beaches in this area are all sandy and smooth. Enjoy the long,clean coasts. Olympic Beach is ideal for sunbathing and water sports. Thanks to the surrounding mountains, the waters are warm, you are protected from the winds and there is plenty of space in the shade.